FAQ Service & Help - How may we assist you?

Hi! We're here to help. Drop us an email at customerservice@fortunecookiesoap.com

We love our peeps here at FCS and consider them family. Their dignity is far more important to us than selling a product. If someone is extremely rude, cussing at, or threatening them in any way, that person's account may be deactivated and we reserve the right to cancel any outstanding and future orders. We don't treat our family members that way and don't expect anyone else to. 

We've found that about 99% of people who call or email us are amazing -- courteous, kind, patient and respectful, even when there are legitimate problems and we are so grateful that the majority of our customers are this way. We appreciate that sometimes situations can be frustrating but we feel there is never an issue so bad that it is acceptable to demean or devalue anyone by bullying them (yelling or cussing at them and making them cry after the phone call is over).

Email: At certain times, (around launches and such) if we get bogged down, it may take 1-3 business days for us to get back to you. Our work and our customers really matter a lot to us. I just want you to know -- we got you and won't leave you hangin'! 

General customer service inquiries, please email customerservice@fortunecookiesoap.com 

Live Chat: Click the Live Chat link on the left side of the page to drop in and say hi or ask us a question. If the link isn't available, that means our Live Chat is offline. Feel free to drop us an email or reach out to us on our Facebook page.

Facebook: Some immediate questions can be answered on our main Facebook page (this excludes account information, rewards questions, anything pertaining to personal account information).

We're closed on weekends so that our peeps can spend time with their families. Call us old fashioned, but we value people being happy and healthy here at FCS, and that happens when their relationships are happy and healthy at home.

Address: Want to send us cake? YAY!! Thank you!!! We LOVE cake!
13290 S 80th East Ave.
Bixby, Ok 74008

(cake address, only)

SHELF LIFE: We pride ourselves in our handmade bath and body products. Because everything is handmade, we recommend that you use your product within 6 months after receiving your product. Use of the products is left to the discretion of our customers. 

For the fastest answers, read our frequently asked questions below.

 Ordering and Shopping Information

Shipping Rates and Information


Privacy Policy

How do I place my order?

Browse through the site until you find the item(s) you wish to purchase.
From the product page, select any product "upgrades" you'd like before you click "Add to Cart". You'll get a confirmation message saying the item is now in your cart from there you can choose "Go To Checkout" to place your order or "Continue Shopping" to keep shopping for more great products.

PLEASE NOTE: Cart jacking is a thing! Items are only held for you once you place an order. Adding a product to your cart does not guarantee that you'll be able to purchase it at a later date. It IS possible for an item to sell out while in your cart.
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My Soap looks different from the picture on the site. Why is that? 

That's a good thing! Each soap and/or product is handmade in small batches, and may vary from the photograph on the website, and from order to order. 

My soap is slowly changing color...is it still ok to use? 

We us a variety of natural ingredients that may cause color variations. One of the biggest culprits is vanillin found in vanilla products, which may cause your product to darken/change color over time, it's totally natural and purely cosmetic and in no way affects it's use. No replacements will be made for naturally discoloring products.

Um, why did you name your Hand Sanitizer "OCD"? Not cool, man.

Good question! Although we love being witty, cheeky, and poking fun in general, we chose to name our hand sanitizer, OCD to bring awareness to OCD, itself. We donate a portion of the sales from that product to the OCD Foundation to further research on it. We chose to use the product ocd since that is the product that the people generally will jokingly say they have OCD when the use hand sanitizer a lot, so we believe it is the most recognizable to people.

We have other foundations we give to as well - below is a list of our "For a Cause" products. We donate a portion of the proceeds from our Pink Power Fortune Cookie Soap to save the tatas, our puzzle piece bar soap is used to give to ASAN (autisticadvocacy.org), one of our former employees has an autistic child, so it is very near and dear to our hearts. If you are a long time fortune freak, you might remember our Seeds of Love Fortune Cookie Soap which was a limited edition product, used to benefit the Red Cross in helping the people that were in devastating earthquake in Japan in 2011. We also donate a portion of the proceeds from our entire Tree of Life collection to The Canopy Project.  

Are your products vegan?

The following products are NOT vegan: Lip Balms and Tints, Hydrate Me's, Cuticle Butter, Milk Bath, Lip Scrub, Whipped Cream, Massage Bars, Solid Sugar Scrub Bars.

Does FCS or a 3rd Party conduct animal testing?

Definitely not. We do not condone animal testing and have never done any animal testing with our products. When we create a new product, the staff tests it out at home to see how it works. On our labels, you'll notice that we even mention that we do not animal test. This also means we ask the you don't try any of our products on your fur babies (unless it is designed for that!), we aren't sure if it would cause them any irritation, sickness, etc. And we love all fur babies (or Snek babies, reptiles, birds, fish, etc). 

Is this site secure?

We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. Any personal information given to Fortunecookiesoap.com will be protected with the utmost care. Any personally identifiable information will not be disclosed to any third parties without your consent.

For your safety and protection, your credit card information is not stored on our servers at any time.
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Can I track my order status?

Yes domestic orders can be tracked. We send an order confirmation email when your order is placed. And send another confirmation email with a tracking number attached, when it has shipped. 
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How do I use a coupon or discount code?

Depending on what option you choose for checking out the process is slightly different. But look for a text field that is marked "Discount Code" or "Coupon Code". Enter in your discount code, and click "Apply" to deduct the coupon amount or percentage from your order total. Please make sure the code is applied to your order before you check out. NO refunds will be issued for past orders. If you have any questions, or your code doesn't seem to be working, please email us at customerservice@fortunecookiesoap.com BEFORE you complete your order. Please note, there will be no refunds issued on past orders. 
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How can I pay for my order?

Fortune Cookie Soap accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit card payments. back to top

How do I cancel or make changes to my order?

Once an order is placed, we are not able to make any changes to it. Not all orders may be cancelled such as special sale items or custom orders.
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Why has no one responded to my emails to Customer Service?

Most likely we've received your email and have responded. Some email providers mark our emails as spam or completely block them. Check your spam folder to see if our response is there. It may also be a good idea to add customerservice@fortunecookiesoap.com to your contacts so future emails are not blocked.

During sales or peak demand times, our customer service may be a bit backed up. If you sent an email and haven't heard back from us after 3 business days, feel free to send a follow up email.
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What shipping options do you offer?

Depending on the weight of your package, and what category it falls in, we offer the following options for shipping:

Domestic (US) Orders
USPS Express
USPS First Class
USPS Priority
Fedex (For larger packages)

International Orders
Postal Economy
Postal Priority
Note: For some international areas, we also offer:
USPS Expedited
USPS Express Saver
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How much will shipping cost me?

Costs vary based on ship location, the weight of the items in your order and the shipping method chosen. To determine the cost of shipping, simply add the items you wish to order to your cart and proceed to checkout, before your order is completed, you'll see how much it will cost you to ship with all available shipping methods without having to place an order. 

Fortune Cookie Soap is not responsible for any additional charges due to a package considered "undeliverable" or mis delivered by the delivery company, or returned to us for ANY reason. Please make sure you provide us with the correct shipping address, or you will be responsible for any additional charges to reship the items to you.
Fortune Cookie Soap is not responsible for any packages that are considered lost or not claimed by the recipient. If you place your order, and we fulfill it, and Fedex or UPSP delivers it, we cannot be responsible for you not getting it for any reason. If we have confirmation of delivery, then you are responsible for it after that. We are a small business, and cannot afford to replace orders that we get a delivery confirmation for. PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST PACKAGES. UNFORTUNATELY, SOMETIMES IT DOES HAPPEN.

Custom fees and additional fees may apply for international shipments. Please contact your local customs office for more information.
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How do I qualify for free shipping?

We offer free ground shipping on all US orders over $75.00. In order to qualify your order total needs to equal $75.00 or over AFTER any discounts have been applied. If your order qualifies, your shipping charge will automatically be removed from the total cost of your order. If it is not removed, your order does not quality for free shipping.

Can I track my shipment?

You may be able to track your shipment depending on the shipping method. The tracking number will be included in the shipment notification email. If you have any issues with the tracking number provided please contact us at customerservice@forutnecookiesoap.com
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I'M FREAKING OUT! Where's my order?
If you received a shipping confirmation email, your order has shipped from our warehouse. Use the handy dandy tracking number to check the estimated delivery times for your shipping method: 

Domestic (US) Orders
UPS Next Day (Next business day)
UPS 2 Day (2 business days)
UPS Ground (1-5 days)
Postal (5-8 days)
Note: UPS cannot ship to PO Boxes and APO address. For these addresses only, a Postal shipping option is available.
Postal shipments can take up to 20 days to arrive depending on conditions and delays.

Please note that the time frames listed above only apply to the estimated time it will take for your order to arrive FROM THE DATE IT WAS SHIPPED. Please check the processing time estimated in your email confirmation to determine when your order will ship.

Postal International can take up to 6 weeks to arrive depending on conditions and delays.
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When will my order arrive via USPS Next Day or 2 Day?

For express domestic orders, we do offer USPS Next Day and USPS 2 Day shipping. USPS Next Day will arrive the next business day after the ship date. USPS 2 Day will arrive 2 business days after the ship date.

The same processing time will apply. For the most part, express orders will be shipped within 3- 5 business days from the date the order is placed.

USPS 2 Day and Next Day deliveries are only made during the business week. Deliveries will NOT be made on Saturday or Sunday or holidays. If an order is shipped Friday USPS Next Day, it will arrive on Monday. If that Monday is a holiday, it will arrive on Tuesday.
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When will my order arrive via USPS Expedited or USPS Express Saver?

For express international orders, we offer USPS Express Saver and USPS Expedited. USPS Express Saver shipping will arrive within 1-3 business days after the ship date. USPS Expedited shipping will arrive 2-5 business days after the ship date. Delays may occur at the customs office that are out of USPS control. In these situations, the ship time is no longer guaranteed.

Some processing time may apply. Most USPS Expedited and Express orders will ship within 3 business days from the date the order is placed.

USPS Expedited and Express deliveries are only made during the business week. Deliveries will NOT be made on Saturday or Sunday or holidays. If an order is shipped Friday USPS Express Saver, it should arrive between Monday andWednesday the following week. If that Monday is a holiday, it will arrive between Tuesday and Thursday.

This shipping method is only available for certain international areas.
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How does Local Pickup Work?

Local Pickup is a new shipping option that is available to anyone that can come and collect their orders. Collection point is our new and shiny warehouse, AKA Fortune Cookie Soap Head quarters! Once you collect your order you will receive a refund for your shipping costs. 

What is your policy on returns?

We want you to love your FCS order! If you're not satisfied with your purchase, please return the item(s) for a refund or store credit. We will refund the cost of your order minus shipping charges. All returns must be made within 10 days of receiving your order. We cannot accept returns after the 10 day period. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

Please let us know if you would like to return your item(s) for a refund, or store credit (minus shipping charges). In order to process your return, please include your name, email address and order number along with the items that you're returning. You'll be responsible for the shipping charges associated with sending the return back to us. We will issue the return or store credit (minus shipping charges) when we receive your items. 

All returned items must be in the original condition you received them in. We do NOT accept items have have been used.

We are unable to accept returns on custom orders, because they are made specifically for you. However you may call about getting a sample of your custom soap so you can see the quality that goes into each of our products.

If you have any other questions about returns please feel free to email us.

Change of Address

Your order will be delivered to the address specified on the order. Please make sure we have the right shipping address for you, as we cannot be held responsible for an incorrect address being entered on your order. We reserve the right not to deliver an order if it is believed that the address is not secure.

You will be able to check the shipping address on the review page while you are going through the checkout process on the site. If you notice an error after your order is finalized, please contact us immediately at customerservice@fortunecookiesoap.com.


If for any reason your order is returned to us, without being delivered to you,  please email customerservice@fortunecookiesoap.com, so we can make the necessary arrangements to reship it to you. Please note, you have up to 3 months to notify us, and you are responsible for the reshipment fee. 

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Reward points

There are a number of ways to earn points from birthday and social media points, to orders and reviews, the full list can be found on the Rewards tab for your reading pleasure. Please note that review points are limited to 5 reviews per each 7 day period. 

There is no monetary value for points earns via our FCS Rewards Program.
Once you have redeemed points for a discount code we are unable to cancel it so please make sure you are ready to redeem your points. As per all our orders it is one discount code per order so you are unable to use a code given by the rewards system with any other code.

What is your privacy policy?

Please view our full privacy policy.

FCS of the Month FAQ

Monthly Option

  1. $16.95 month
  2. One full-size product + 3 deluxe size samples (total of 4 products)
  3. $40+ value
  4. $10 discount code off $25 purchase exp 30 days after issue
  5. Free U.S. shipping
  6. Scent description Postcard
  7. Small-ish launch at the end of the month 

Four Season’s Option

  1. $67.80/ year (billed annually)
  2. The fortune cookie soap returns! + 5 deluxe size samples (total of 6 products)
  3. Free U.S. shipping
  4. $40+ value
  5. $10 discount code off $25 purchase exp 30 days after issue
  6. Scent Description Postcard
  7. Larger end-of-month Launch party at 6 pm
  8. Quarterly boxes ship out Feb 12th, May 12th, August 12th, and Nov 12th.
  9. Gift option available (does not automatically renew)

Annual Option

Annually $186.45/ year - that’s 1 month free! (Auto billed annually)

  1. Gift option available (does not automatically renew)


  1. Do I need more than one subscription? No, there are only 12 boxes a year, just different ways to purchase them.
  2. Can I still skip? Yes, but only with the monthly option. You still have complete control of your subscription and can choose when to skip or cancel. The yearly and the Four Season’s are prepaid.
  3. I want to keep my subscription, do I need to do anything on my end? Nope! We got it, we'll change the pricing on our end. 
  4. Are there going to be scents available in the launch at the end of the month that aren’t in the box? No, all the scents in the box will be available at the end of the month launch. (no extended scents)
  5. Will the new boxes be themed? Yes, but not fandom themed. 2019 will have a variety of throwback themes and fun, new themes. All the products in each box will be part of a cohesive theme.
  6. What about fandom? I’m really going to miss the fandom themes. Good news! (We LOVE it too and will still be doing plenty of fandom, probably about one collection a month or so. 

A few more things...

  • The next month's theme will be revealed on the 1st of each month
  • You have approx. 10 days to decide if you want to keep or skip the next box
  • Credit card billed on the 10th of each month
  • Skip or cancel membership BEFORE the 10th to avoid the next month's credit card charge - this cancels or skips your next shipment.
  • Soap Box of the Month accounts are completely managed online by the customer, not by FCS customer service. Log into your FCSOTM account to skip a month, cancel, update cc info and change your address all in one easy location.

For any additional questions, please contact customerservice@fortunecookiesoap.com 

How do I use my $10 FCS discount code?

To use your discount code, right before checking out with your items, you must apply your discount code in your cart. Simply enter the code in the Discount Code field and select 'Apply Code.' The balance available on your discount code is applied to your cost summary and your grand total will be updated accordingly. Code cannot be used toward shipping. Must use entire amount in one transaction.



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