Something Tropical Sugar Scrub

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When I'm watching commericals on TV about some travel agency trying to get me to visit an exotic location I think to myself, How do you live there? when they start showing clips of locals lounging around. The idea of some place exotic and tropical means no real person can live there! Needless to say, I envy them! So I used the idea of a tropical location filled with all the things people fantasize about when on vacation and called it Something Tropical! This sugar scrub smells of fresh tropical fruits such as orange, pineapple, and guava! It will scrub your skin clean of all the daily grossness while leaving you smelling like one of those darn locals! ;-) paraben free Ѣ cruelty free Directions: At the end of your shower, rub a generous amount all over, rinse completely and towel dry. Please do not use on face, or apply to open cuts or sunburn.

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