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WAYWARD SON Body Wash - This isn’t Wall Street, this is FCS. And we have a little thing called integrity with scents of balsam fir, tiger lilies, fresh ivy and...from what we can tell, Sam’s lost leather shoe. Now use this body wash again ‘cause...just ‘cause. carry on… keep fighting. Keep swinging until you got nothing left. This body wash is far from perfect but it is good.

DAD’S JOURNAL Whipped Cream - With the invaluable source of information about supernatural creatures and lore, and is a symbol of the Winchester "family business." This whipped cream will exorcize the demons of dry skin with scents of ripe fig, fresh peach, chamomile, candied rum, and dark amber.

HOLY WATER Micellar Water - Blessed with the power to torture demons of temperamental skin, this micellar water is truly holy with delicate scents of rosary blessed tulips, wild berries, and sensual musk.

NOT SORRY ENOUGH Shaving Cream - Always saying sorry, but never sorry enough...I suppose you can apologize for not shaving, but then you’d never get to use this shaving cream! Scented by the unapologetic scents of rich sandalwood, vetiver, plum sugar, and bergamot.

THE CROSSROADS Candle - Strike a deal that’s mutually beneficial for us and for you with this candle of the crossroads. Scents of orange rind and sugar crystals with a base note of clove are sealed inside the candle with a kiss that binds it forever.

HUNTERS Shampoo Bar - Saving people, hunting things. That’s what this shampoo bar does with scents of pink amber, sea mist, and sweet rain. Deliver your hair from demons, monsters, ghosts, and other unsavory creatures.

BABY Car Freshener - When your Impala is your most prized possession, you gotta take good care of her and make sure it smells good for when you drive around other Hunters with scents of deep patchouli, linen sheets and a touch of leather.

LOVE ME SOME PIE Bar Soap - This bar soap is freakin’ worth it. Because if we know anything, it’s that we love us some pie...almost as much as Dean does. But who are we kidding? We can’t compete with how much Dean loves pie… especially raspberry pie with sweet cream and a buttery crust.

ROADHOUSE Bath Bomb - Retreat to your safe haven of the bathtub with scents of sweet blue coconut, red grapefruit, and lime. You need a place to relax and unwind and this bath bomb will let that help you get to that place!

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