Rabbit Fortune Cookie Soap

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Personality: Strengths
People born under the sign of the rabbit are gentle, sensitive, compassionate, amiable, modest and merciful, and have strong memory. They like to communicate with others in a humorous manner. They cannot bear dull life, so they are good at creating romantic or interesting spice. They are soft-spoken and welcoming, being fond of peaceful love life. They hate arguing with capacity of converting an enemy into a friend. They are homebody and hospitable, and like house fitting-up.  They can work with speed and efficiency, do not insist and get angry easily. 

Personality: Weaknesses
They lack meditative abilities and often sink money into ideas that may cause failures in their career. They are amorous and not determined, soft in appearance and stubborn inside. They usually do not submit to dreary life, but create romance. They are not good at delving deeply and likely to escape the reality. They may lose good chances because of reserved characteristic traits. 

Crunchy red apples bursting with sweet juices, interwoven with soft cherry blossoms

packaged in a red takeout box

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Category: chinese new year , museum

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