Pig Fortune Cookie Soap

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Personality: Strengths
People born in the Year of the Pig are honest and frank, chivalrous and gallant. They have a calm appearance and strong heart. They do whatever they want with their strength. They are tolerant and optimistic, but not until they become your friends can their virtue, advantages and fidelity to friendship be appreciated. They are quick tempered, but hate arguments and quarreling. They are kind to their loved ones. They are not afraid of difficulties and problems but try to work them out. They treat friend sincerely and they do not tell lies unless they have to. They are kind and light hearted and usually go to sleep easily.

Personality: Weaknesses
Shortcomings on their characteristics are trusting and sometimes naïve, so they may easily fall in traps. Although they are loyal to friends, they do not have many friends. They are hot-tempered and impulsive. They are not good at communicating with others. If they play pranks on people, they will not know when to stop. 

Blooming petals of orange flower fragrantly embrace fresh fruits of strawberries peaches and kiwi dusted with a touch of powder sugar.

packaged in red takeout box


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