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Your favorite mist me, with no scent or color added. Perfect for those with sensitive skin -- or for customizing with a CYO perfume oil!

Mixing Instructions: Use included CYO pipette to add 3-6* drops of perfume oil to unscented Mist Me. Shake well. (Some fragrances, when added, will result in a cloudy appearance, in no way affecting the quality or usability of the product.) Enjoy!

Pro Tip: Divide Mist Me? into smaller bottles and custom scent with 1-3* drops per bottle (depending on size). More to love! :)

*Two variables to keep in mind, when adding perfume oil. 

  1. Personal taste. Some people prefer products to be heavily scented...some prefer lightly scented. The beauty of this is that you are able to control how heavily or lightly you scent your product. Use the recommended guide above to add less or more scent, depending on personal preference.
  2. Fragrance Strength. Some fragrances are inherently much stronger smelling than others. For example, Eucalyptus is much more potent smelling than say Toasted Marshmallow. 

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