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Feeling dead to the world? Don’t worry, Miracle Max has seen worse, and it just so happens that you’re feeling only MOSTLY dead. Golden honey drizzled over toasted almonds and pumpkin puree, warmed with amber, is just the aromatic miracle you’re looking for. Think it will work? It will take a miracle!

100% pure, harvested from the Southern Dead Sea in Israel where the mineral content is the highest. It also contains the highest mineral content, making it ideal for use in spa treatments and for therapeutic-grade Dead Sea bath salts and scrubs. Superior for manufacturing uses and uniquely gentle for bathing purposes, Read more about the benefits of Dead Sea Salt and its unique therapeutic and beautifying powers that have been recognized since ancient times.



Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Magnesium Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Goat Milk Powder, Fragrance Oil

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