I'M GONNA WRECK IT Extended Collection Perfume Sampler

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All 9 scents from the Extended I'm Gonna Wreck It Collection

CHILDREN OF THE CANDY CORN - Soak and take in all the sweetness, just be wary because the children of the candy corn may try to steal your medal with their obnoxiously tasty scents of butter cookies, honey, and candy corn.

FUNGEON -  It’s a fun dungeon. Yanno...play on words? Nevermind...but banish away bad scents and transform your dungeon into a fungeon with scents of sweet banana nut bread smothered in apple butter!

GAME OVER -  Is your skin wrecked? No worries! This Hydrate Me can fix it and tell dry skin...GAME OVER! with a fun scent blend of pistachio macaroons topped with blueberry compote drizzled atop decadent cheesecake!

GONE TURBO - Has your hair gone completely turbo? Change those unruly locks to looking turbo-tastic with soft scents of red velvet cake with a touch of buttercream and berry.

HERO'S DOODIE - QUARTER ALERT! When you’ve plopped a quarter into your toilet, take it on with a hero’s duty doodie spray and if you wanna go pee pee in your big boy slacks...keep it to yourself. It’s make your momma proud time with scents of sweet orange and blackberry cider topped with cinnamon and a sprinkle of sage.

I CAN FIX IT! - Grab this magical golden bar soap and Felix will fix your hands by ridding them of dirt and germs with starfruit, bright limoncello, plum blossoms and base notes of sandalwood.

I WRECK THINGS - But yanno what? It’s what makes this bath bomb so unique and will make anyone smile with sweet scents of pound cake topped with candied raspberries and vanilla drizzle.

SOUR BILL - This lil sour shower jelly will detaffify into bubbly soap with puckering scents of sour apple rock candy with a touch of lime.

KING CANDY - Milk my duds! It’s game over for this bath bomb with scents of twisted candy-coated crimson pears and iced cake donuts.


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