CYO Body Wash 48hr Event

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Please let us know what color you want! Choose either red, orange, blue, green or pink - or we'll pick one for you! :)


Now's your chance to sneak in to the FCS factory and go all mad scientist! For the next 48 hoursyou are the mixmaster

Choose one of our tried and true fragrance blends or create your own custom masterpiece. The sky's the limit! To help you out, here is our fragrance list;(except cinnamon - no cinnamon)
Most of the scents we currently sell and have sold in the past, are all blends. We did not add them to this list. Feel free to browse the site and museum for those blends. :) The scents listed are what we use to create our blends.

Here's how it works;

  • Add a CYO Whipped Cream to your shopping cart
  • Write in the notes section on the checkout page, what fragrances you want (limit 3). Feel free to give us % suggestions on how you want it blended. For example: I would like to blend chocolate, rose and buttermilk pancakes, can you make it 70% chocolate, 10% rose and 20% buttermilk pancakes? Thanks!
  • It's quite a process to make all these, so we wait until the promo is over and make them all at once.

Please note: Your custom blend will have a handwritten label on it (feel free to give your custom blend it's own name!) and may take up to 7 business days to fill - thanks for your patience!

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