Blonde Bombshell Bath Gift Set

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We’re all a little blonde sometimes… So we think that we have come up with the perfect combination of scents for our ‘blonde bombshell’ set. We all know that blondes have more fun than most of us, well now they can clean up their act with three (3) Takes the cake or three (3) Keep it clean fortune cookie soaps! Who honestly, would not love a blonde girl or boy that smelled like wedding cake? We didn’t think you could deny that. Now, don’t go on thinking that this set is for blonde bombshells only, if you are a redhead or a brunette – feel try it! We promise, it will not turn you into a golden-haired angel or anything … you may just find some highlights in your hair. Kidding! You should try this gift set though; it is the perfect blend of fresh, fruity and wedding cake scents!

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