Unique Wedding Favors

Themed wedding = extremely popular now-a-days

One of the things about a wedding in this day and age is it is all about capturing some type of theme. Whether the theme is Halloween, a season or perhaps you are looking for your special day to be unique and all around one-of-a-kind. Why not keep that theme all the way down to your wedding favors? We have you covered there, fortune cookie soap is becoming very popular in the way of wedding favors and if you are looking for something unique – we have it!

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Seasonal Favors
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Wedding Party Gifts
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Other Occasions

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Whatever your theme may be, we can customize your order or you can choose something off of our site that we have already created. Whichever way you choose, we would be happy to individually package all of your fortune cookie soaps and we promise that you will be getting quite a lot of feedback once the guests use them. So go and be a little different about your wedding favors, your guests will love them!



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