How to Skip a Box - FCS of the Month Subscription

Confused on how to skip a box? No problem! Here's a brief explanation on how to skip an upcoming box!

If you think of the monthly box as more of a pre-order, it helps to keep it a little more straight in your mind. The cut-off to buy a box (or skip if you're already subscribed) is 30 days before the box ships.

For example, January 9th is the last day to skip the February UNICORNIA box. (Giving us 30 days to get everything made before it ships). Once you are charged for a box, it creates an order in our system for that box until it ships 30 days later.

Since all the products are handmade, we need the 30 day lead time to have a solid number to work with for ordering supplies/ingredients/packaging/labels etc.. The box number tends to fluctuate quite a bit right before billing day, as people decide if they want the box or not.

Remember, you need to decide to skip OR purchase the monthly box 30 days before it ships.



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