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Sign up today to be an official FCS product tester! 

Depending on what is currently being tested, we will randomly choose testers, when needed. Keep an eye out for an email from us!! Maybe we should get shirts made! :)

Our new location is going to have a Creation Station, (so exciting!!!!) where new products and recipes are made and tested. Here's where you come in!!

If you just raised your hand and shouted ME, ME! when I asked about testers...then, cool! Anyone who wants to test new products can sign up for it!! We get valuable feedback, while a product is still in production - and you get to try free product! Win-win! 

We do this all the time with our employees (*cough cough* guinea pigs!) You may not know it, but, liquid shampoo was thisclose to being in the '15 spring soap box, but we all couldn't agree on a formula! We got to thinking though....we really need you guys to be a part of this too!! 

I did this on a small scale with the Deep Conditioner for the '14 winter soap box, and the feedback was soooooo helpful! We were able to tweak the recipe, and make the final product better than ever!!! 

I'm currently testing an alcohol-free, foaming hand sanitizer! :)




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