Massage Candle

Step-by-step instructions for safe use:

1. Light your massage candle 

2. Let it burn for 10-20 minutes. Depending on how lucky the other person is getting :p

3. Drizzle the warmed liquid directly onto that special someone

4. Give (or receive) the most unforgettable massage ever. Don't worry, we're leaving now...

Massage candle is not edible

  • Soy wax melts at a low temperature, creating a sensually warm massage oil, that's never too greasy or hot.

  • To use: burn candle, wait 20 minutes until it melts, then pour a small amount into your palm and gently massage into desired area.

  • Use this oil for a relaxing erotic massage or as an after bath oil to moisturize skin.

    Natural ingredients include Soy Wax, Kokum Butter, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Fragrance

    cruelty free, paraben free, phthalates free, and travel safe. Up to 30 hours worth of fun!


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