CYO (Create Your Own)

Choose one of our tried and true blends or create your own custom masterpiece. The sky's the limit!  Here's how it works…

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  • 1. Add a CYO Product to your shopping cart
  • 2. Use the drop-down boxes to choose up to three scents, starting with the one you want to smell the most, and so on. If you only want one scent, you'll need to choose the "No Scent" option for two and three. 
  • 3. You have the option to write your custom blend name in the text box or skip this step if it's not needed. (Please note, for multiple products, you'll need to do steps 1- 3 for each one)
  • 4. It's quite a process to make all these, so we wait until the event is over and then make them all at once. 

Please note: Your custom masterpiece will have a handwritten label on it (feel free to give your custom blend its own unique name!) and may take up to a month to hand-make and fill - thank you for your patience! If you order any other products along with your CYO, they will all ship together, once your CYO is complete. 

Aloe Me Body Whip CYO - Fortune Cookie Soap
CYO Aloe Me Whipped Cream Sold Out - $14.99
CYO ALOE-lujah Skin Gel
CYO ALOE-lujah Skin Gel Sold Out - $10.99
CYO Whipped Cream 4oz jar
CYO Whipped Cream 4oz jar Sold Out - $13.99
CYO Whipped Cream 8oz jar
CYO Whipped Cream 8oz jar Sold Out - $19.99
CYO Fine Fragrance Mist
CYO Fine Fragrance Mist Sold Out - $5.99


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